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Hello, I'm Amy. Mother, Sales Leader and Coach.

I'm currently Vice President of Content at DICE, on a mission to get fans out more and work with the world's most exciting cultural creators. I'm in the final stages of study for my Diploma in Professional Coaching Practice (ICF accredited) and taking on a small number of 1-1 clients. My ambition is to grow my practice to work with high performing commercial teams.   

Our world is full of opportunity, colour, vibrancy and joy. I revel in the small sparks of life, the front seat of the top deck on a bus, the soothing medicine of music, my cup of tea in the morning and seeing my son smile from ear to ear when he discovers something new. I have however had landmark moments in life where these moments lose their magic and there seems no way to move forward - the overwhelm becomes all consuming. It's in these moments that coaching has brought me up to the surface to stay focused and inspired. 

You can find me rambling through the countryside with family at the weekends, working in the city during the week and devouring culture at any given moment. Music runs through my blood and I love the power of immersive theatre to transport you into distant lands. My home is alive with colour, prints, mismatched fabrics and cosy corners, I'm a self proclaimed interior-enthusiast.   

For the past ten years I've been working as a senior leader in sales, building connected, empathetic and spirited commercial teams. Sales is often a very uniform space, my leadership strives to inspire individuals to be themselves, celebrate their uniqueness and generate lasting impact. I believe by focusing on people first, businesses will build solid foundations for success. 

When speaking with friends, colleagues and clients, I'm astounded by how fast modern life moves, everyone is 'busy' and demands on time are like never before. We live in a highly connected world, with endless possibilities and a head spinning number of distractions. Through Sunny Inside, my passion is to create a space for us to think slow, get creative and fuel potential. It's time to rise and shine, hop off the conveyor belt and start to dream. 

Wishing you the very best,


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